Beer tastes better shared with mates, and that’s never far from our mind when we’re brewing. We believe that craft beer and friendship go hand in hand, which is why many of our brews are named after good mates who have been instrumental in our beer brewing journey.

Visit our tasting room to meet these fine fellows.

Current Beers

Albo – Corn Ale/American Lager

Albo Corn Ale craft beer

The Albo Corn Ale comes from the American Prohibition era. Farmhands would make this light refreshing ale they could enjoy after their long day tending in the fields. The Albo is our tribute to that beer and to the men and women who made and drank the beer back in the day. Our version of this historic beer uses corn and pilsner malt as the base and it is very lightly hopped with Galaxy. The nose is slightly corny…..and on the pallet it is fresh and clean with a great flavor length leaving the drinker wanting more. Named after our Local Federal Member Anthony Albanese. The Albo is best enjoyed with mates old and new.

Todd’s Trailer Ale – Pale Ale

Todd's Trailer Ale – Pale Ale craft beer


Willie the Boatman takes its name from a Scottish Convict whose job it was to row people across the Cooks River in Tempe before a bridge was built in the late 1800’s.

This Beer is named after another Tempe figure. Todd Payne. Todd is a mate of Nick and mine and he is always on hand to lend a hand when needed. Including borrowing us his trailer….hence the name.

This pale ale is a well balanced beer with a big malt body that is finely balanced with 3 additions of Citra Hops.

Coming in at 40 IBU and a ABV of 5.5% this beer is a winner when you are sharing it with old and new friends.

Crazy Ivan– Indian Pale Ale

Crazy Ivan – Indian Pale Ale craft beer


Willie the Boatman takes its name from a Scottish Convict whose job it was to row people across the Cooks River in Tempe before a bridge was built in the late 1800’s.

This Beer is named after another Tempe figure. Ivan Smith. Ivan is a a ball of energy, he is great fun to be around and a little crazy….in a good way.

The Crazy Ivan IPA is full of malt and hops and most of all is a mouthful of fun. To keep the Crazy Ivan balanced and slightly under control we use big Scottish Malts married with Armadillo Hops.

With an an IBU of 50 and a ABV 0f 6% hold on and enjoy the ride!

Black Bunny

Black Bunny craft beer


The Black Bunny is an “Old” style ale with a smokey nose and leaves a lovely coffee flavor on the back of the pallet. Originally brewed as a “home coming” for my fellow Brewer Nick Newey after he had spent 6 months working on the London Olympics. The Black Bunny became a regular on the home brew kit in my back yard.

Using 4 different kinds of dark malts and, coffee and chocolate malts the Bunny bounces into its own. It has every thing any beer lover wants in a dark ale; a bacon nose, a soft chocolate front pallet and a coffee kick to finish with.

The Black Bunny has an IBU of 30 and its ABV is 4.9%. As they say in the classics “once you have had a Black Bunny….”

Marrickville Lager

Marrickville Lager craft beer

Marrickville lager is Willie the Boatman’s “tip o f the hat” to our community’s rich cultural diversity. This beer is designed to be enjoyed with people, cultures and food from around the world.This hand crafted lager has subtle spice characteristics that can be appreciated on the nose as well as the pallet with a clean finish. It can be enjoyed on the back veranda eating chilli prawns or a burnt snag.  Marrickville Lager is best enjoyed locally, whether with Vietnamese, African, Malaysian, korean, Japanese or a BBQ at Steel Park. In our opinion Marrickville Lager is the perfect way to wash down your day.

Salty Melon – Gose

old salty

The Gose beer has been around since 14th century. It originated in East Germany in the town of Goslar.
Traditionally this slightly sour, slightly salty beer was brewed using salt, coriander seed and enjoyed with a fruit Schnapps. With this in mind our head brewer Joel Cook decided to take this ancient beer and put his own twist on it.

Joel had the idea of adding fresh seasonal rockmelon to this beer post fermentation.
Old Salty Rockmelon is the perfect summer beer. Balanced flavours of fruit and salt that finish dry,sour and crisp on the palate.

Willie the Boatman’s Old Salty Rockmelon has very little bitterness at 10 IBUs and an ABV of 4.5%.

20 kilos of Rockmelon is added to the beer post fermentation in the conditioning tank just hours before the beer is kegged or bottled. This process ensures that the fresh flavours are saved for the drinker to savour.

Malt: Wheat, Pilsner and Acidualted
Hops : Hallertau
Additives: Rockmelon, Pink Rock Salt & Corriander Seeds.

Nector of the Hops – East Coast IPA

east coast IPA green copy-page-001

Nectar of the Hops is a big and juicy IPA but low on bitterness at 28 IBU’s. Late additions give you the beautiful sweet and fruity nectar of the hops.

The beer has a piney, passionfruit nose and a smooth , creamy mouthfeel from the addition of oats and wheat. The hops give the beer beautiful tropical fruit flavours with hints of pineapple, mango and lychees. This IPA is extremely sessionable.

Nectar of the Hops the is perfect beer for our warmer months.

ABV: 5.8
Grain- Pale, munich, Oats and wheat
Hops- Melba, Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic.

Previous Beers

Rubi – Brown Ale

Rubi Brown Ale craft beer

The enticing aromas of dark fruits and roasted malt immediately deliver this beer to you. With a very small amount of upfront bitterness this beer leaves a beautifully soft, sweet taste on the palate with a hint of raisins, biscuit and a touch of chocolate. Rounded off with a beautiful bread mouth feel from the rolled oats.

This beer is as sweet and full of character as its namesake, our brewer’s Dog. Just like Rubi the brew dog this beer might just become your loyal & faithful companion.

Old Salty – Gose

Old Salty craft beer


The Gose beer has been around for over two centuries. It orginated in East Germany in the town of Goslar. This slightly sour, slightly salty beer with honey malt notes is brewed as close to the traditional way as possible. Rather than put a “craft beer” twist we decided to brew this almost forgotten beer in the way it was celebrated and drank in the 1700’s. We reckon its the closest thing to drinking beer in the ocean without getting your feet wet!

Old Salty has little IBU 10 approx. Its ABV is 4.9% and its finish is salty with a small hint of tettenang hops.

Bulger – English Special Bitters

Bulger craft beer


The Bulger is an English Special Bitters, using some of Europe’s finest malts, and blending with traditional English hops such EK Goldings and Fuggles. This beer has a beautiful marmalaide bitterness and lovely lingering sweetness.This beer is definitely one for spicy food and sharing plates.

The Bulger has an ABV of 6.0%. So enjoy responsibly.

The Bulger is named after Tempe local, the late Peter Bulger. Pete was a local home brewer who loved having a beer with mates, and sharing his knowledge of beer with the community. It’s recommended you share this one with friends, and raise your glass to Pete before drinking.

Sorry Ane – Summer Ale



Sorry Anne is a classic summer ale. With an all Pilnser malt base to give the beer a good honey back bone. Sorry Anne is hopped with Melba 6 times during the brewing and the fermenting stages giving the beer a rich tropical fruit and citrus nose. To add to the citrus notes we also run the wort through ten kilos of orange peel.
The end result is a light coloured beer with a big nose of fruits and citrus and a slightly bitter finish. It is the perfect beer to drink when you are lying on the lawn or in the dog house… Pat often is.